Friday March 29, 2019-Kisumu Governor, Prof Anyang Nyongo, is again on the spotlight after Auditor General, Edward Ouko, revealed that his government bought an Ayrshire dairy cow at Sh3.7 million.

According to Ouko the county government indicated that it had purchased a cow at Sh 3.7 million since he only saw one cow when he visited the county offices.

However in a rejoinder, Agriculture Chief Executive (CEC) Gilchrest Okuom insisted that the county bought 27 cows, contrary to Ouko's claims that the whereabouts of the 26 animals cannot be established.

He said that the county has its records proving that the animals were bought at Sh136, 900 each and distributed to five of the six sub counties.

Okuom added that the animals were procured during the previous era and were supplied by Ahero Sky Top Enterprises.

He added that the exercise to avail cows to farmers is ongoing and 180 new farmers across Muhoroni, Kisumu West and Nyakatch have received their cows.


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