Umalaya mamboleo - How “Nitumie” and “Nibuyie” has reduced ladies to prostitutes, you better buy SEX directly at Koinange.

Friday, February 8, 2019-Self declared boychild President, Cyprian Nyakundi, has noted something interesting about this culture of “Nitumie” and “Nibuyie” that ladies use to extort  from men.

According to Nyakundi, if you are a man and you occasionally send money to a woman your are not in a relationship with, that is prostitution.

Nyakundi advises men to buy sex directly from prostitutes instead of wasting time with these “Nitumie” and “Nibuyie” hoes.

He posted a video of a lady  condemning those  ladies who keep on demanding for favours from men and  gave the boy-child a priceless advise.

Here's what Nyakundi posted.

From a woman to other women. It's time we call this whole "nitumie" or "nibuyie" culture what it really is. Let's stop beating around the bush with subtle labels as "being a gentleman" and what-not. It is prostitution. For both man and woman.

So if you're a man and you occasionally send money to a woman you're not in a relationship with, that's prostitution. Umalaya mamboleo. Ni vizuri we be honest with ourselves.

For men, it's time to evaluate if it's worth. Because the cost of commercial pudesh ranges between 1k and 3k. The "nitumie" extortionist atakusosi anything between 5k-100k. Cost-benefit analysis. Is it worth it?

For this culture of "nitumie" to end, men have to stop paying exorbitant prices for a commodity which is flooded in the market. Stop enabling this vice. Say NO! #NyakundiSaidNo


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