Tuesday February 5, 2019-Auditor General Edward Ouko has unearthed a looting syndicate in the County Government of Nairobi, facilitated by acting County Attorney David Moseko and the finance official Stephen Mutua

Ouko blamed the Nairobi County officials from the legal department of orchestrating the looting of more than Ksh600 million from the county.

The money was allegedly paid out in legal fees whereas the County Government had not budgeted for the transactions.

The Auditor General indicated that the legal department of the county paid a total of Ksh645.2 million to 12 law firms despite having budgeted for only Ksh105 million in 2017.

Additionally, the money was spent outside the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), a financial system used by the government to foster accountability.

The following is an incomprehensive outline of how the funds were spent;-

1. Ksh83 million was paid to Koceyo advocates with no evidence of the legal services that the law firm offered.

2. Ksh85 million was paid to Momanyi and Company Associates without documentary proof of services offered.

3. Wachira, Mburu, Mwangi, and advocates received Ksh32.3 million.

4. Ksh20 million was paid to Prof Tom Ojienda and associates.

5. Ksh20.4 million was wired to Kithi and company advocates while Ksh15.9 million was paid to Koceyo and advocates.


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