Sometimes It’s Up To You To Push Your Destiny In The Right Direction

Imagine going on a date with someone you’ve had your eye on for a while, and having it go really well. Flowing conversation, funny jokes, good company, good food and even good weather! When you leave each other, you’re still buzzing with excitement over how good the time you spent together was. You can’t wait until you hear from the other person again. You keep checking your phone every time it buzzes to see if it’s that special someone texting or calling, but every time, you find that it’s that WhatsApp group with a “forwarded as received” message. 

You tell yourself that the special someone is going to contact you eventually. Because initiating the contact just isn't right, you tell yourself that it can’t be you sending the first text, or being the first to call. There’s no way you will allow yourself to be the butt of those jokes, or look desperate. You start to think, did something happen on our “perfect” date? Is it something I said? Did they look at my social media profiles and not like what they saw? 

What if we have a mutual friend who sabotaged me by saying something? What did I not do? Is there something I did not do enough? Am I good-looking enough? I was probably too clingy or too distant. I should’ve held hands that time. The reasons people walk away could be as many as the stars in the sky– or they could be simple: malicious spirits working against you. This might be hard to explain to your parents, especially when they wonder why you’re not bringing a significant other around them at your age of 32. Enter White Magic. As the name suggests, White Magic is all about healing and helping. 

Its goal is to spread goodness and positivity around to ensure peace and wellness, contrary to Black Magic. White Magic is concerned with good. This magic is cast when someone needs help in life. Hard work is important to attain success. Alongside that, positive energy to clear out the bad air and take yourself towards your great goal. The problem is that not everyone is fortunate enough to have positive goodness surrounding them. In such instances, White Magic is as a lifesaver. White Magic covers a wide range of spells. The most popular of them are love spells, attraction spells, cure spells, friendship spells, diet spells, dream spells, peace spells and many more. 

One common spell enables you to attract your crush to your life. You may be head over heels for somebody but he shows no interest. This spell boosts the positive flow of energy around you so that when cupid shoots his arrow, he is going to fall for you. It’s a simple spell to perform. You would need the following: one red candle, one pink candle, matchbox, pencil, parchment paper and a toothpick. Inscribe your name on the red candle and that of your crush on the pink one. 

Then, light up both candles with wooden matchsticks. Now, concentrate on the flames and think of your love. Imagine him falling in love with you. Visualize the romance and love you would feel having him by your side. Continue with the visualization for half an hour. After that, using a pencil, draw three hearts on parchment paper. Pick up the red candle and pour its wax on it. Visualize romantic moments with your crush as you do that. Do the same with the pink candle. Blow off both the candles once the hearts are completely covered with wax. Continue the same ritual for 7 days. 

On the 7th day, make sure the candles to burn out on their own. Make sure to hide the parchment paper somewhere safe. Be very mindful about the timings, rituals and also the chants while casting White Magic spells. White Magic spells can be dangerous if not done properly. Therefore, just like a recipe for a certain dish, always check the ingredients of the spell and also proportions to ensure a successful ritual. Always start with the simple ones before advancing to the more complex ones. Brianna* met and fell madly in love with John* around a decade ago. 

They had both been hurt in previous relationships so they were cautious from the start. They vowed that they would not put each other through what they had been through. Since then, they have never been happier in their entire lives. They have discussed marriage has been discussed but Brianna wanted it to be a guarantee sooner, rather than later. She is sure that this man is the love of her life and she know she is his. It goes without saying then, that she wanted to spend eternity with John. 

Scrambling for a solution, Brianna was referred to and contacted Mugwenu. Just as a medical doctor does, Brianna was diagnosed as having negative energy blocking her happiness. On the doctor’s suggestion, she ordered the Level 2 Binding Love spell. After successfully casting it, her and John have been together since, and the rest, as they say, is history. Meghan* also casted the same spell after Dave*, a guy who she had always eyed, but after many attempts to get him to go out with her, just didn’t seem interested. 

When the spell began taking effect, Dave told Meghan he did like her, but he was just shy and afraid to ask her out. In addition, the spell really opened him up and they're simply having the best time together. For more knowledge, simply call +254 740637248 and contact at —

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