Shocking CCTV footage shows how evil mistress JUDY WANGUI planned MARY WAMBUI’s murder, she will rot in Kamiti (WATCH)

Monday, February 11, 2019 - Shocking CCTV footage showing how evil mistress Judy Wangui planned the murder of late businesswoman Mary Wambui Kamangara has emerged.

Detectives are trying to piece together information after retrieving CCTV footage which implicates Judy in the gruesome murder of Mary.

Judy killed Mary after they engaged in a scuffle in her house along Kiambu Road after spending the better part of the day together at Homeland Inn along Thika Road.

Apparently, Mary confronted Judy after she saw portrait photos of her and her husband hanged on the wall at her lavish apartment.

They started arguing and Judy went to the kitchen and picked a pressure cooker which she used to smack Mary on the head 9 times.

After Judy knocked Mary with the pressure cooker, she didn’t die immediately.

She just collapsed and Judy went to the kitchen, picked a knife which she used to cut her legs and hands before suffocating her to death.

She then planned how to dump the body in a dam along Thika Road.

The CCTV footage shows everything that happened that fateful night.

Judy Wangui is an evil woman with no heart.

Watch the CCTV footage.


  1. This heinous.
    even the devil himself is not this malicious..

  2. Enter your comment...may you rot in Hell

  3. This is hell direct.being in human to afriend?

  4. ladies we are under siege. but never could i imagine we are our own culprits. Kori you were so wrong to be having an extra marital affair.i doubt your innocence but time will tell

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