Saturday, February 23, 2019-A lady who claims that she used to work at Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) where Ezekiel Mutua is the boss has accused him of sexual harassment.

She took to  twitter and claimed that Mutua used to demand for hugs from female staff and at times, he would touch them indecently.

She further alleges that he used to masturbate in the office.

The alleged former KFCB staff  accuses the self proclaimed moral police of pretending to be a principled man with good morals in public but in private, he is a randy man.

She further claims   that she was forced to quit her job at KFCB after Mutua started demanding for sex from her.

Apparently, ladies who work at Kenya Film Classification Board are forced to sleep with Ezekiel Mutua  and any lady who refuses  to dish out  flesh to him is forced to quit.

There has been mixed reactions after the tweet surfaced with a section of social media users claiming that  the twitter account was f0rmed to tarnish Mutua's image.

How true is this?

See the trending tweet that puts Mutua on the spot.


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