SHOCK as Judge LUKA KIMARU reveals why people like JOHO, SONKO, KABOGO are never arrested for drug trafficking - This is serious!

Tuesday February 26, 2019 - High Court Judge, Luka Kimaru, has revealed that in his long legal career, he has never seen any drug trafficker reveal the identity of their master once arrested - something that has made it difficult to arrest drug barons in the country.

According Kimaru, the drug business is ruled by fear and an unwritten rule that if caught, one should never name the baron.

Therefore a drug peddler would opt to go to jail than name his boss and risk his life and that of his family.

Besides, the drug kingpins use multi-layered approaches making it hard for the traffickers to know who their real bosses are.

In addition, the barons are said to be highly influential making it easy for them to corrupt the system including bribing the judges and police.

They also use top-of-the-range cars making the trafficking process least suspicious as the culprits are unlikely to be flagged down at roadblocks.


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