SHOCK as it emerges that under-age girls go for sleep-overs at Pastor KEN GOMERI’s brothel house in Kasarani, DPP arrest this sex predator.

Thursday, February 7, 2019 - More details on how controversial pastor, Ken Gomeri, has been preying on under-age girls have emerged.

The sex predator who masquerades as a youth pastor has turned his Kasarani house to a brothel.

A lady wrote on Xtian Dela’s famous Toboa Platform on Telegram and revealed that underage girls go to Gomeri’s house for sleepovers.

Apparently, some parents trust Gomeri with their daughters because he masquerades as a pastor and motivational speaker.

This randy pastor is a shameless sex predator.

Read what this lady posted.

“In my high school days 2008-2011 he was our preacher most Sundays... he invited girls for 'prayers' over midterm and holidays huko kwake Kasarani na kwani hahami? 
I remember I went once
together with my two friends. It went well. We cooked, prayed, stories we laughed and had a great time... no sex advances at all. What caught my attention though is the number of girls that visited the pastor on that day.. like 8 girls. High school girls. All below 18 or there about..some even coming with big bags.. obviously coming to sleep over coz by the time we were leaving.. at 8pm we left them.

Things didn't add

up. Kwani yeye si pastor wa maboy? Doesn't he mentor boys? I asked myself..
After listening to

Purity.. it all makes sense now.. this fool is a predator.. May God forgive him.

Could the schools

be warned of these useless people they expose Naive girls to, young horny pastors and mentors who have no sense of direction.

Young girls, please

be careful. Talk to your parents and siblings Instead of strangers. Pastors for who?

Thanks Xtian. This

platform will save the world. God bless you”.


  1. am shocked by all words!

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