Monday February 25, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Ksh7.2 Billion Galana-Kulalu project that was meant to help solve the country’s food crisis has collapsed.

According to reports, the project collapsed as a result of sour relations between the contractor, Green Arava, the National Irrigation Board (NIB), the implementing agency for the project, and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.

Green Arava accused NIB of failing to honour requests for payments before threatening to stop any further work until all its requests for payments are addressed. 

On the other hand, NIB accused the contractor of going rogue, failing to respond to numerous letters, demobilising from the construction site contrary to contractual obligations.

“We have reached a point of no return.”
“We cannot continue with more payments for work whose progress we are not pleased with.”

“We have written to the National Treasury so that they can advise on a way forward,” Charles Muasya, the head of design and planning of irrigation projects at the National Irrigation Board revealed.

The Galana-Kulalu Food Project was being funded by the Kenyan Government and an Israel bank known as Bank Leumi, which provided a loan of Ksh6.35 Billion towards the scheme on condition that an Israeli firm be picked to start the farm. 

Heads must roll this time for sinking Uhuru’s flagship project.


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