Saturday, February 9, 2019 - A taxi operator has linked Kori's mistress, Judy Wangui,  to the murder of the late businesswoman, Mary Wambui Kamangara, and revealed what exactly happened  on the fateful Saturday Night when she was killed.

According to the taxi operator identified as Michael and who helped Judy to ferry Mary’s lifeless body, the two women were fighting over Joseph Kori, Mary’s husband.

Judy lured Mary to her house at Four Ways junction along Kiambu Road after merry-making at Homeland Inn along Thika Road  and when she arrived there, she was shocked to see photos of her husband getting mushy with Judy hanged on the wall.

A scuffle ensued and Judy rushed to the kitchen, picked a pressure cooker and hit Mary Wambui on the forehead several times.

According to post mortem report, Mary died of brain concussion after Judy repeatedly hit her with a pressure cooker.

Judy had earlier lied to detectives that Mary died after her husband hit her with a butt of his gun when she met him at her house along Kiambu Road and a scuffle ensued.

She further lied that Mary’s husband Joseph  bribed her with Ksh 2 Million to go mum on the brutal murder.

However, detectives exonerated Joseph after they tracked his movements and phone signal and confirmed he was not at the scene of the crime.

The taxi operator revealed that Judy called him and requested him to help her ferry the body to a dam in Juja where they dumped it.


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