OSCAR SUDI insists HASSAN JOHO is a drug dealer and tells him to stop issuing empty threats (FULL STATEMENT)

I ask Governor Hassan Joho to come clean over allegations that have been made against him. Joho should first apologize to Kenyans for all the wrong deeds he has done because Kenya has lost thousands of youths to drugs. He should be a man enough to own up the mistake, admit to Kenyans and seek an apology rather than issuing empty threats to those accusing him.

We all remember that on 22nd December, 2010, the then Minister for Internal Security Prof. George Saitoti stood on the floor of the August house and released a bombshell report that indicted several MPs in the 10th Parliament. We all know Joho's name was largely mentioned in the report. A whole Professor with the stature of Saitoti could not have been malicious to drag Joho's name in the report. Infact, we are currently considering to revive the Saitoti report for it to be discussed in the floor of the house. Members of Parliament will recommend on how the report shall be implemented for Kenyans to get the Justice they deserve.

As a youthful leader, I cannot allow someone to ruin lives of our innocent youths, that of our children and the coming generations. I will always be steadfast in the fight against illicit drugs. The time where impunity was being tolerated is long gone. The government should promptly crack the whip in fighting illegal drug cartels.


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