Ogopa wanawake! Man narrates how his girlfriend of 2 years ran away with another man on Christmas day

A young man is heartbroken after his girlfriend of two years left him on Valentine’s day for another man.

According to this man, his girlfriend ran away with a Yahoo boy and three days later, she hasn’t come back yet.

“It’s been 6 weeks after Christmas   and I haven’t seen my girlfriend. She left me in mainland and followed another man (a Yahoo boy) to another city. It pains me so much. Is it a crime to be honest with your girl that yo can’t afford the luxury now due to your future plan?

I work am not broke, but it seems these Yahoo boys won’t let us enjoy life with our girlfriends.  I will quit my job and join Yahoo boys. I am in pain. Its not fair for our two years old relationship. Will I ever recover? I’m hurt. I am in my house alone and my girlfriend is out there being pounded like fufu in a Yahoo boy arms.What can I do to forget about her? This is a girl I have invested so much on but it seems contentment is not in most girls’ dictionary. This is the worst Valentine week ever. I resorted to drinking alcohol hoping I will forget her but nothing has changed. Love indeed sucks.”

I wanted his private parts to migrate from their rightful place to his forehead. I made up my mind to contact a doctor that everyone was praising. I had previously saved his details on my phone, so I called his number and emailed him. Phone number: +254740637248 Email: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com His website: www.mugwenudoctors.com That evening, the yahoo boy  called me and said he could not locate his private parts. He admitted he was in a great deal of pain and would do everything he could to make me forgive him. 

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After visiting him and discussing your issues, the man will plan for a day that he will change the life of your yife forever. Dr Mugwenu will do any of the following: Make your yife lose interest in other men except you Make your man hate any woman he is currently cheating with Make someone who has made your life unbearable eat grass Invite a swarm of bees into your man’s manhood and the private parts of the woman he is cheating with The most obvious and most common practice among cheating partners is to make your husband get stuck inside the woman he is stepping out with. 

Dr Mugwenu will do anything you wish him to do. If the man survives the ordeal, he won’t cheat on you again. Apart from the contacts given above, Dr Mugwenu is also available online. His email address is mugwenudoctors@gmail.com. He also has a professional website with a link: www.mugwenudoctors.com. Don’t suffer silently, speak your problem out and you will live happily ever after!

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