NYAKUNDI attacks CAROLINE MUTOKO and LARRY MADOWO badly, calls them useless street urchins.


LEST YOU FORGET, these two street-urchins turned media personalities are behind the propping up of the biggest scammers in Nairobi. Larry Madowo created the fictitious profile of Heshan De Silva, just because he used to buy him drinks and meals at New Stanley Hotel. Caroline Mutoko is the one who forwarded Wilkins Fadhili's name to Safaricom BLAZE project which she consults for. Larry Madowo also works for Forbes and forwarded Wilkins name there too. 

Don't forget Madowo is the one who elevated socialites Huddah and Vera Sidika. A real piece of shit this guy. Kenyans never forget! Mutoko wanted me to be kissing her ass so that she can refer me to her corporate friends. Fuck you! If shameless self-promoters like Wilkins have to kiss your ass for career-progression, I'd rather die! If Larry Madowo you expected Nyakundi to wine and dine you in fine restaurants like Heshan De Silva so that you can generate a fictitious profile, you're fucked in the head. I'm bila time!


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