I won’t bring any of my sisters to my house.

Two years ago my sister came to live in my house in Rongai. She had completed school and I thought it was a good idea to have her in my house. She would help me take care of my children as I didn’t want to hire house girls.

I talked with my husband to see whether he was comfortable with the idea, he said yes. I sent my sister KSh2,000 for transport and told her to come the following Monday.

After receiving my sister at my house and allocating her duties, we agreed I would pay her KSh 8,000 per month as a ‘thank you’.

For three months everything was okay. I was excited because my children were fine and my husband was always praising her for helping us. Little did I know I brought a snake into my home.

Usually, I leave my house ahead of my husband. I work in a bank in Nairobi CBD and my husband works at an NGO in Karen. He leaves home at 9am but I am forced to go to work before 6am because of traffic at Langata Road. Before I would leave I’d make sure my sister is out of bed and is busy in the sitting room or kitchen.

My issues with my husband started last year October.

One day he had gone to the bathroom and forgot his phone in the sitting room. It started ringing and I answered the call. It was his mother on the other end and we talked for a while. She asked me to tell my husband to call later on. Something I was feeling directed me to check his photos.

In every human being, there is a sixth sense which always drives us. I started scrolling through the images, and to my surprise, I found a photo my husband had taken with my sister in her bedroom.

In the photo, he was bare-chested and my sister was wearing only a night dress. My sister’s head was resting on my husband’s chest. I quickly forwarded the photo to my phone and kept quiet. There was something going on between them!

I went on with my usual activities without mentioning anything, but I could sometimes see the signals my husband would send my sister. Especially when they thought I wasn’t aware.
Ignoring everything and pretending to be unsuspecting was the only way I would catch them red-handed.

After about two weeks, I went through his phone again. This time it turned out he had sent my sister KSh5,200 yet I was the one who would pay her the KSh8,000 we had agreed in the contract. This made me furious and I realised if I continued pretending, things would only get worse.

I went to town, bought a CCTV camera and secretly fitted it inside my sister’s bedroom.
After two weeks I took the camera to my office and watched how events unfolded in my house. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

In the span of one week, I saw my sister getting intimate with my husband three times without protection. I cried at my desk, asking God how He could let my husband do this to me. It was painful!

That evening, I went home with the video. After we had taken supper, I called my husband and my sister to come to the table and watch something interesting, they had thought it was something else. I put it in the laptop and started playing.

What happened next almost cost my life.

The two started beating me out of anger. Afterwards my husband went to the bedroom, called my sister and told her to throw out my clothes. Within thirty minutes, all my things were outside the house. They chased me out and shut the door. I was forced to go and sleep in my neighbour’s house.

The following morning I went back to with my parents home.

I arrived and told them what had transpired. My mother called my husband and asked him why he had done the things he had done. She ordered my sister to return home immediately.
This is the answer she received instead:

"I am in love with Eunice (my younger sister). I have decided to marry her and she is pregnant. I am done with her elder sister. Period”

Since then, I had been living with my parents and we have never seen our sister. I had tried to call my husband several times but he never answered any of my calls.

By January I had almost given up and I had decided to continue with life as a single parent. Something came to my mind — I had to fight for my family.

As I was figuring out a solution, one of my neigbours suggested I contact Dr Mugwenu. I had heard about the herbalist but never took his work seriously since I had never faced such a challenge before. She informed me that in 2015 she was facing a similar problem and out of desperation, she was forced to seek his help. She is now living happily with her husband.

She gave me this number, +254740637248 and after ringing up the doctor, we booked a day to meet. Since I was aware that some traditional herbalists are not genuine, I made sure I had done background checks. I went online and searched for information concerning the doctor, found he has a professional website www.mugwenudoctors.com and took his email address mugwenudoctors@gmail.com.

Out of desperation, I called him to inquire whether he was in a position to help me. From his explanation, I said to myself, ‘let me give him a try.’ A month after I visited the doctor, my husband and sister fell out and he chased her away. What excited me most was that my husband contacted me and said he had decided to give me a chance.

As I write this, I am back and my sister is gone. I am happy!

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  1. Enter your comment...that's witch craft you have sought God

  2. You should have never taken him back lady... & the part that "He "DECIDED" to give YOU a chance".....what right does he have to make any decisions after what he did to you? You really should've taken the time to heal from this and went & found yourself a real man.

  3. You should have never taken him back lady... & the part that "He "DECIDED" to give YOU a chance".....what right does he have to make any decisions after what he did to you? You really should've taken the time to heal from this and went & found yourself a real man.

  4. Guys open your eyes, this is just an advert for the local herbalist (witch doctor). Those are common stories forged to make people believe. Look, she gives his website, email, phone number.

  5. Give you a chance you say!!after screwing your sister now you are out of your mind....

  6. Lol great advert fot doctor services

  7. If you want problem in your house try local Herbalist.

  8. What a creative way to advertise.

  9. Taking your man back was ok but the used method was totally wrong May God have mercy on you.

  10. You wanted to advartise the Maganga with a cooked story, how much did He pay you,,,,, go to Hell na Huyo Ajuoga yako.

  11. Useless!. This just an advert.

  12. Nice advertisement.... Nice one doctor

  13. I want to marry your sister who chased away! Just her inform her to contact with me,! It seems that she is beautiful than thus why your husband loved her! Give me her pictures please!

  14. Stop fooling people great advert

  15. So happy that you came back to your husband because what your sister did was bad but tank God u got ur husband back

  16. Advertisment the story with contact of a witch doctor

  17. What kind of advice did he gave to you or did he gave you charm
    to do to your husband?
    The simple truth is that your husband has fucked your sister and
    get tied of her pussy.

  18. Woa woa , o don't believe this, how could he gibe u a chance while he was supposed to ne asking u for another chance. That's garbage

  19. Thus doctor probably had the best compositions in primary school

  20. That's true lies na so pia umeleta ugonjwa kwa boma yenu juu how comes u lake na bwana mmoja wewe na sister yako and your here braging that I found him back kumbavu

  21. This is a business strategy. Wacheni magendo.