Wednesday February 20, 2019 - Makueni Senator, Mutula Kilonzo Jr. has vehemently opposed a proposal by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cabinet to have Kenya Airways (KQ) take over the running of Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) which currently manages Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

If the proposal presented to Parliament's Public Investments Committee (PIC) yesterday is approved, then JKIA would be run by the struggling KQ whose biggest shareholder is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family.

In a tweet, Kilonzo hit out at President Kenyatta and his Government for literally running down key economic sectors and public investments through poor management.
He wondered how KQ which has not been making profit would run a much more stable entity than itself.

The Senator likened the proposal to other Government decisions which had killed key economic sectors.

"Sugar factories are on their knees, maize farmers on their bellies, Kenya Railways sold for a song to pave way for the Chinese high speed train and Port of Mombasa may be renamed China town," said Kilonzo.

He maintained that turning JKIA into a private enterprise was an ill advised proposal which needed to be rejected.


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