MUTAHI NGUNYI explains why RUTO and the likes may never loot and go scot-free again under UHURU’s watch - He is onto something bigger

Monday February 11, 2019 - Political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has sought to explain why President Uhuru Kenyatta has changed his leadership style and is more of a dictator in his second term than he was in his first term and wants things done differently.

Through his popular Youtube channel The Fifth Estate, Ngunyi said Uhuru has decided to fix the country’s bad politics as the first step to set Kenya on the road to prosperity just like Asian economic giants such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and China did.

He explored the downside of Kenya's politics saying it had created a country which breeds wealth without work as illustrated by the many mega corruption scandals.  

He further said that it has further bred a culture of pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice and Government without a soul.

According to Ngunyi, Kenya can be fully industrialized if Uhuru fixes the bad politics in the country because the economy will fix itself as a result of good politics.

“Kenya is at an inflexion point. In Mathematics, this is a point where you can either go up or down. Uhuru has served notice to us and this is what he is telling us… our choice is to become the leading economy in Africa or perish,” said Ngunyi.

 "The X-factor here is our politics. We can choose the politics of stupid; we can choose to make the Government an object of desire for those who wish to eat and grow rich. But we can also choose to change this; and this is what Uhuru Kenyatta is inviting us to do. The choice to change Kenya, according to him, is in our hands,” he said.

But he argued that Uhuru was completely wrong by asking Kenyans to change the country, he should just do it himself.

“The military strongmen of South Korea and Singapore did not ask their people to liberate themselves from the poverty that bound them. They just did it. Joseph Stalin did not seek the permission of Russians to industrialise their country, he just did it,” Ngunyi explained.

 “Change is a not a product of dialogue, it is a product of force. Uhuru should not shy away from using force to change the country and this is the only way we will ever become a Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, or China,” he added.


  1. NYS thief!

    since when does a thief have advice?

    your tribe including you steal and it's okay. Other tribe steal, and they are talked about all the time.

    Why don't you talk of your Lucifer thief and stop projecting this to be clean and fighting corruption: yet he's the real looter of our taxes.

  2. ..Uhuru's government is only going to succeed if all what is happening in fighting corruption is not political gimmick to settle political goals with politically unwanted individuals which stops immediately after Uhuru's favourites are touched. I'm honestly warning Uhuru that corruption is a double edged sword and surely soon there will be casualties in both battle fields. Therefore my president hold the corruption head on and we shall all support you Sir. Good luck.

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