MURKOMEN now dares MAINA KAMANDA and entire Mt. Kenya to try and stop RUTO’s 2022 bid - You will know what KALENJINs are made of

Thursday February 2-14, 2019 - Senate Majority Leader, Kipchumba Murkomen, has come out guns blazing to condemn a section of politicians from Mount Kenya who have formed an anti-Deputy President William Ruto movement in the guise of defending President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Big Four Agenda.

Led by nominated Member of Parliament, Maina Kamanda, Mt. Kenya leaders have formed Mt. Kenya and Diaspora Leadership Caucus which is aimed at curbing an alleged rebellion against Uhuru within Jubilee Party.

Kamanda revealed that they have come together to tame the ‘Tanga Tanga Movement’, a group associated with Deputy President William Ruto, which he claimed has ignored the President's warning against early campaigns.

"We now have a group that the President can rely on as his directives on premature campaigns have fallen on deaf ears.”

“Some of the MPs have been consumed by 2022 politics to the extent of insulting older politicians who have seen it all in politics," said Kamanda.

"We shall go around the country reminding the people that President Kenyatta's term is not yet over and urging leaders to respect him and we shall be naming them," he added.

However, Murkomen, a close ally of the DP, accused the politicians from Uhuru's backyard of a plot to sabotage Ruto's 2022 Presidential bid by gagging him.

He dared Kikuyus to try and stop Ruto’s 2022 Presidential bid and they will know what Kalenjins are made of.

"Most of the people telling us to stop the politics of 2022 actually mean to stop Dr. Ruto.”

“Actually, the others are busy going around attacking Dr. Ruto and he is not supposed to respond at all.”

“This people are taking us for a joke and we won’t take it anymore,” Murkomen said.


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  2. sent this zombie fool to ICC with brain full of pussy bugs.

  3. hapa naona ni kama kutakua na problem....wueeeh.... si we all know that kenya you have to be son ndio upewe hii kiti bwana....

  4. Actually I respect our brothers in rift valley. They voted as a block and it would not be wise to turn our backs on them. They deserve our votes. Please note that utterances from a leader like Kamanda does not dictate our votes. But Murkomen's threats dictate negatively. The style you used in PEV was a coward style, it was an ambush style. The guys would rather die fighting you than voting at gun point. Murkomen is demanding our votes at gun point. We had forsaken God before but now we know better. Don't dare.

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