MIGUNA MIGUNA will regret attacking WAVINYA NDETI! See how she bruised his bloated ego in a matter of seconds - This man is a loser!

Tuesday February 12, 2019 - Machakos gubernatorial loser, Wavinya Ndeti, exchanged words with self-proclaimed National Resistance movement (NRM) general, Miguna Miguna, on Monday after the former made a grammatical error in one of her tweets.

Miguna, who has a habit of embarrassing senior State officials, found himself in an awkward position after Wavinya fired a salvo to the exiled lawyer.

She told Miguna that knowing English won’t pay her bills or put food on her table. 

“Miguna, my father did not sell a cow to take a cow to school. My first language is Kikamba, Kiswahili, then English in that order. 'Kizungu mingi' won't put food on my table nor for my family. Anyway, we miss you in Kenya. God bless you," Wavinya told Miguna.

Miguna, in his response, told Wavinya that his mother was not that rich but he sold chicken to ensure he gets the best education.
“Wavinya: Good to know that your father did not sell a cow to take you to school. My mother sold her one cow to take me to Secondary school. I grew up economically poor with a single mother. Needless to say, food is not everything in life. Freedom and justice are equally important, “Miguna boasted.

But Wavinya continued with her onslaught against Miguna telling him that he should learn to respect mothers because they play important roles in their children's lives.

“GREAT and honourable mother. God bless her. What would all of you do without mothers? Respect and love us. You know there is God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit. Women are the Holy Spirit. Take it to the bank," Wavinya told the arrogant lawyer.


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