Saturday February 2, 2019-President Uhuru Kenyatta is said to be consulting with his immediate family members in regards to his succession in 2022.

The Son of Jomo, will retire in 2022 and among those planning to succeed him is Deputy President William Ruto and National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga.

Among those people Uhuru has approached is his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, former President Daniel Moi and his brother Muhoho Kenyatta.

According to sources close to the Kenyatta’s family, the President is under pressure from his family members to support NASA leader, Raila Odinga for presidency in 2022.

The larger Kenyatta family has played a major role in mending relations between Uhuru and Raila following the fallout after the August 2017 presidential race. In the March 2018 deal, Uhuru and Raila agreed to end their political war.

The source said Mama Ngina was very instrumental in mediating Uhuru and Raila and she now wants her son to endorse Raila Odinga’s presidency in 2022.

Though Raila Odinga has maintained that he will not vie for presidency in 2022, Uhuru brother, Muhoho went to Raila Odinga’s home in Bondo last month, and assured him of Kenyatta’s family support if he decide to vie for presidency in 2022.

“It is true Muhoho told Raila Odinga that Kenyatta family will offer moral and financial support should he decide to vie for presidency in 2022,” said one of the Raila Odinga’s close aides


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  1. DNA thieves: endorse what shithole!

    A blood thirsty dragon endorsing another blood thirsty dragon who was witnessing his supports being gun down as the was being driven from the airport to the CBD buy his handshake dragon in crime - illuminati member. Such garbage are not any leadership materials and they can keep their choices to themselves with all those approximately 500 billion loots.

  2. Mafia wewe deni gani

  3. tell that to the birds. mama Ngina family will endorse and vote for baba as president. mount kenya people are not fools they have a debt to pay lest they become excluded since they shall be betrayers.

    time is gone where voters in mount kenya are directed like fools. william ruto has done a very good job in jubilee. assisted uhuru in getting rift valley votes twice. uhuru maty have forgotten this but we have not and shall not be directed on whom to vote for. bbi is between raila and uhuru.

    the same was actually unnecessary because raila went to court to challenge election results which he case he won only to shy away for repeat polls for obvious reasons he doesn.t have the numbers to beat ruto and uhuru.

    economy is bad, no hope of improvement.