LADY narrates how Kasarani based pastor, KEN GOMERI, forcefully wanted to have SEX with her, he took a condom under the pillow and…………..

When we met he told me he was a therapist/youth pastor. So he invites me to a coffee date hapo trm( huwezi mkosa hapo)... We had coffee then around 10ish i tell him i want  to go home...
He said Ringtone had invited him over and he wanted my company.
So we get into his sumbaru and off we went...
Apparently there was supposed to be a drink out but on getting there it was just us three...(jokes huh)
So me i was like hawa ni watu wa mungu I'm safe. AS IF.
Hours passed and since i wasn't drinking I got bored na hao watu wa God and said i want to sleep since it was bristle clear we were spending the night.
We went to sleep.... This youth pastor of a man get under the pillow takes a condom and wears it... And I'm just there pretending asleep... He tried to touch me but I jumped off got mad told him I'm leaving... He told me to calm and be mature about it. Lol he tried it.
I got so mad and now he had no choice but to calm me down since he didn't want to 'choma'
Took me home and that was that
He is a prick and a pycho!!!
You will find him with a young high school just randomly like it's normal... All in the name of mentoring...
There might be no tangible evidence but  Pastor Ken Gomeri  is a pyscho. He should be stopped.
Hide my identity.


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