Monday February 11, 2019 - A close confidante of National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, has said the Kikuyu community’s domination in the country’s politics will continue even after President Uhuru Kenyatta retires in 2022.

Uhuru is set to retire in 2022 after serving his two five-year-terms and some leaders led by former Vice President, Kalonzo Musyoka, are proposing for an extension of Uhuru’s term limit to allow him complete projects he initiated during his 10 year rule.

Though some leaders are opposed to Kalonzo’s proposal, Kisii politician, Don Bosco Gichana, said the Kikuyu will continue to rule Kenyans for many years to come.

In a post on social media, Gichana said he had done an analysis since independence and he is very sure about it.

I say this with a heavy heart it's a stark reality.”

“We others may lead Kenya but Kikuyus will rule for many years to come.”

“No questions please! no comments, please! And I am not hating on anyone, it's my opinion and opinion is like ......everyone has one.”

“I have also analysed carefully our politics since Independence. You can take this to the Bank,” Bosco said.

Bosco has been Raila's friend for a long time.

He speared his campaign in Gusii region during the 2007 elections.

When he was arrested for money laundering and detained without trial, Raila negotiated for his released after five years of agony in a Tanzanian prison.


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