Monday, February 11, 2019 - CCTV footage retrieved from Homeland Inn along Thika Road shows that the late businesswoman, Mary Wambui Kamangara, enjoyed nyama choma together with her husband’s mistress, Judy Wambui, the day she killed her and dumped her body in a dam in Juja.

Mary agreed to meet Judy at the famous bar and restaurant not knowing that she was luring her to death.

After having a nice time at Homeland Inn, Judy lured Mary to her house along Kiambu Road where a scuffle ensued after she spotted portrait photos of her husband getting mushy with Judy hanged on the wall.

She hit her with a pressure cooker on the head and killed her before dumping her body in a dam.

Here are screenshots images from Homeland Inn showing how Mary and Judy had a nice time together before she murdered her.

Judy was just putting on a show with fake smiles.

She had already planned how she will lure Mary to death.


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