Blessed Be! This unique Protection Spell will be 3x cast for ultimate power to offer you the ultimate protection from negative energies, emotional hardships and surround you with a strong positive energy full of light, calm peace, confidence and tranquility.

It will put you far away from envious, ill intended people, evil eye, curses and black magick spells that may be planned against you.

This spells is cast by me and once you order the spell and send me your information, there is nothing else you will need to do. Nothing to buy, chant or place under your pillow. This spell is very high quality and it IS a white magic spell.

Although magick spells cannot be seen physically, they can certainly be felt and you will experience a beautiful relaxing aura of tranquility and peace around you as soon as the spell begins to work on you and your life. It will also act as a bad-energy-repellent, meaning, if someone wishes evil thoughts/actions upon you, their thoughts and actions will instead bounce back to them almost like a boomerang effect.


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