It was about Christmas day and I was about to go to the village. But I needed new clothes so that I can outshine the villagers. I had gone to Eastleigh before and identified a dress I would buy but the price was high.

One morning as I was going through my Facebook timeline, I saw a page that was advertising clothes. This page was shared by one of my friends. Scrolling down the page, I realized one dress was similar to the one I was at Eastleigh.At Eastleigh it was being sold at Ksh 2.800 while on Facebook it was indicated Ksh 2,500

I shared the information with other staff members in the office. What surprised me is that everyone was amazed by the prices of the clothes. Since it was end year, our office had shared with us the bonus and our pockets were well off. We made a list of those who wanted the clothes and the total amount came to Ksh 20,000.

After about an hour,I contacted the admin of the Facebook page and she gave me the number where to deposit the money. She told me to give her the direction to our office so that she can deliver. The way she was talking, I never realized she wasn’t genuine.

At lunch time I went and deposited the money,I also called to inform her of the clothes I wanted. She promised to deliver them after two days.

The following day I called to confirm that she got all the clothes I had ordered only to realized that her phone was mteja.I called in the evening again and still the phone was off.I thought maybe it was recharging and gave myself some hope.

On a Friday, she was supposed to deliver the clothes. I waited from 6 am to 6pm and I didn’t see anyone. I called her phone again and I couldn’t reach her. What I was fearing is how to tell my workmates that we have been conned,they would say I had conspired with the person to con them

The following morning each of the contributors was on my neck.It even forced me to leave work earlier so that I can avoid the confrontation. The following day I didn’t go to work,I just wanted to find a quick solution.

In my estate I shared with some of my female friends and during the conversations, that’s when one of the ladies told me she had a solution. She invited me to her house. In the house she narrated me how she was conned by a broker who was pretending to be selling a plot,but she went to Doctor Mugwenu who helped recover the Ksh 265,000 she had lost.

She gave me the following details to contact Mugwenu.
Phone number: +254740637248
Email address: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com

I called the number +254740637248 that night and the traditional doctor received. Since I was desperate, I didn’t mind how much he wanted as long as I got help.

Two days later we met and he promised to do something after he took the lady’s details.
On Monday morning as I was busy filing my documents in the office,I got a phone from the lady who conned me.She told me that she has not gone to the toilet for 4 days yet her stomach is full.She was also bleeding seriously and in pain. She confessed that she suspected I had done something on her.”Please I beg you to forgive me,I will return the money plus Ksh 5,000 more,don’t kill me”,she begged.

I told her to return the money immediately and learn to respect other people’s sweat.After I received the cash,I sent Dr Mugwenu Ksh 3,000 and told him to forgive the idiot.

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