Here is a Senior Police Officer sleeping with wives of junior officers and female colleagues with impunity - If you complain your are transferred ASAP

Tuesday February 26, 2019 - Officers attached to Wundanyi GK Prison are up in arms over their boss who they described as promiscuous and amorous

The aggrieved officers, who declined to name their boss for fear of intimidation, say that the senior officer has been making sexual advances at their wives as well as female officers.

According to the officers, the amorous boss has been demanding sex from the wives and female officers and if you complain or refuse his advances, you are transferred.

"Those who reject his sexual advances are either threatened or transferred, if they are officers.

Officers whose wives refuse to give in to his demands are also transferred," one officer who chose to remain anonymous said.

Already, the Wundanyi bully has transferred two officers for refusing to obey his orders of allowing their wives to sleep with him.

The officers have vowed to appeal their transfer and called for investigations into the matter.

"We will appeal our transfers.

We are ready to give evidence when required to do so," one officer stated.

 "I will appeal against my transfer.

I cannot leave my wife here," added another officer.

A pregnant officer at the facility also recounted her experience with the said officer when he summoned her to his office.

"The procedure is when a junior officer is summoned by a senior; the junior is accompanied by either a corporal or a sergeant.

In my case, however, I was told to go alone.

“The boss didn't tell me anything of substance.

He only told me to abandon my husband for him.”

"The officer knows I'm married but he keeps pestering me for sexual favours.

He engineered my husband's transfer to keep us apart and punish us after I rejected his sexual advances,the female officer narrated.


  1. Odeh.. Mumu publisher... is this one a Police Officer..?

  2. why cry like babies yet they carry guns. They should learn from APs

  3. Enter your comment...shame

  4. It is only in Mombasa county where retired askaris and current FIRE OFFICER goes round kiosk and businesses asking for bribe especially one man called mulamba/ mulandi another ugly face retired jaluo with big belly. The pretend they are under instructions of Joho.CURRUTPTION is at its best in mombasa county government. We shall set them and turn them to be true beggers 24 /7.

  5. If the POS sleeps with your wife,just put a bullet in the piece of shit's eyes.Its that less piece of shit in the world

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