Follow Me Boy Spell

Go into the backyard of your home. Face the direction that your lover is. Sit in this spot. Meditate upon lover becoming obedient, relinguishing his errant ways, submitting to your domination.

1)Dig a hole into the ground only about three inches deep.

2) Put the concerns into the tissue and continue to think about lover obeying. Say to self repeatedly, ”name of lover, follow me.” ”you follow me.” ”you do as I say.”

3) cover the hole and stand over it, your BACK facing the direction that your lover is located. 

Envision lover behind you. Say again the short commands.

4)Make footprints into the spot then pour the oil into the prints. Pour drops in odd amounts only. three drops, seven, or nine but NOT FIVE. No more. No less.

5) Say his name repeatedly a few times, then Say Aloud in a commanding voice, ”You follow me, boy.” ”You come to me, now!” ”Get here, do as I say!” ”Get behind me, you belong behind me!” (get very demanding with it, whatever you feel like saying in an authorative voice.

Tell him to obey you. Remember that YOU ARE THE QUEEN. Envision yourself as his master. He is your subject.)

Walk away from the spot saying ”Follow me, follow me, follow

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Nilisikia Kocho Kocho Kwa kitanda yangu huku akisema "gwara hapo, tetema",Kumulika Nikaona Huyu

Mke wangu ni mtamu hata singependa mtu amkaribie hata kama ni nani.Mimi ni simba,nikinguruma wanauma hujikunja mkia ndani.Lakini bibi yang...

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