Fifa MP, ABDIKARIM OSMAN MOHAMMED, issues statement over claims he is among those who leaked FATMA GEDI’s sex video.

The news story carried in the local TV channels about the DCI seeking me along with 3 other MPs for questioning for allegedly 'defaming' Wajir County Women MP Hon. Fatuma Gedi regarding an obscene video that had been going round the social media sites, has come to me as a surprising and laughable bit of news
I categorically state that I have not in any way maligned, defamed nor has the thought of doing any of that to my sister Hon. Fatuma occurred to me.
Why would someone sustain this very negative episode in the media?
What interest would I even remotely have in defaming her? I am a politician, so what political interest would I have in doing so? I don't come from Wajir County, Hon. Fatuma can't influence voters in my constituency and neither can I influence hers. Incidentally, 2 of the 3 other MPs the DCI is seeking also don't come from Wajir County.
On this, mimi ni mweupe kama pamba and my unsolicited advice to my sister is not to create imaginary enemies.
If anything, while in Djibouti, my sister Hon. Fatuma Gedi asked me to send her the clip, which I did. Does that make me culpable of anything? Hasn't she asked for what was then largely in the public domain? Haven't I only acceded to her request?
I have not received any official communication from DCI nor from the Clerk of the National Assembly, so far the matter still remains a sensational story aired in the TV news but I won't hesitate sharing with DCI the communication between me and Hon. Fatuma while we were in Djibouti.
Let's see how this ends.


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