Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - Diamond Platinumz and his Kenyan bae, Tanasha Oketch, are currently ‘the it’ celebrity couple in East Africa.

The love birds had even planned to wed on Valentine’s Day this month but postponed the wedding raising eyebrows.

However, the Kenyan beauty with Italian roots has assured fans that their wedding will take place later this year and explained why it was postponed.

Speaking during a radio interview, she said:

“The wedding was supposed to be February the 14th but I told diamond that I can’t do it until my mom is here, and she can’t leave work at the moment.”

She added:

“We are thinking probably towards the end of September is when we are planning. I am the one who had to cancel it, I canceled because my mother has to be there and my family couldn’t be able to come in February.”
Tanasha, who is a radio presenter in Kenya, has been flying to Tanzania on weekends to spend time with Diamond after she revealed that the Bongo Fleva star cannot come over to Kenya to spend time at her two bedroom flat due to the logistics involved.

"I spend most of my weekends in Diamond's house. I have tried to have him come to my apartment and it has been hard because he has to come with his entourage, which includes security and the whole hullabaloo," she said.

"This means everyone will get to know he is around, and that is what he wants to avoid. I actually got a week off, so I'm here with him. I have not been feeling too well."


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