Comedian FRED OMONDI narrates how they ‘failed’ their late brother who was addicted to hard drugs.

Friday, February 08, 2019 – Mid last year, comedians, Fred Omondi and Eric Omondi, lost their elder brother, James Omondi, after a battle with drug addiction.

James died just hours after Eric had traced him to Downtown River Road Nairobi after a three year search.

He was addicted to Cocaine and other substances and was in and out of rehab for the past 19 years.

Now, Fred feels that they made a mistake when they gave his late brother money to start a new life thinking that he had changed his ways.

The family reportedly pooled resources, paid his rent, and gave the late Omondi some money to start a business only to relapse.

“There is a time we found him and I brought him to my place, where he stayed for a while,” Fred said.

“Then we decided to help him out, to start his own life. I think that is where we were wrong because he convinced us that he was now doing well,” he added.

“It was tough. You know we had struggled with him over the years. He was struggling with addiction and we spent most our time looking for him other than growing up with him. Eric found him, after two or three years of not seeing him. Unfortunately, the next day he passed on because he was in a very bad condition.”

Recalling his childhood, Fred Omondi said: 

“I can never trade my childhood life for anything. I grew up with my crazy brother Eric, plus my dad was the craziest. He was so comic.”

“When we lost both our parents. We had very tough times ’cause Eric was forced to start working when he was still in high school. I am the last born, and he had to take care of me,”

After his death, Eric disclosed that his brother was lured to hard drugs while in high school, by their female cousin, who was dating a white man.

He said: 

“We had a cousin who was dating a white man. She is the one who we knew was using drugs.”

“When Joseph started hanging out with her, she must have introduced him to the vice.”


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