Saturday, February 23, 2019-City lawyer, Kamotho Ngotho, has for the first time opened up about his love-life with no-n0nsense Kirinyaga Governor, Ann Waiguru.

News of Ann Waiguru’s secret traditional wedding with Kamotho Ngotho surfaced online and spread like bushfire.

Kamotho revealed that his love-life with the beautiful Governor started 10 years ago in a ferry in Likoni, Mombasa, where they had  travelled for a constitutional conference.

It all  started when they shared a bread and a soda while in a ferry in the coastal city.

The city lawyer claims he was love struck when he realized that Waiguru was just a simple  woman despite power and wealth.

He decided to try his luck by pursuing her and after several phone conversations, they planned for a date.

Kamotho took Waiguru to Thai restaurant in Nairobi and that’s where  they had their first date.

However, the date was not so good because most of the time the Governor was on phone instead of concentrating on the date.

  “She was on phone the whole time. I had to ask her why she was not paying attention to our date,” Kamotho told a local daily.

Waiguru told the lawyer the reason she was on phone instead of concentrating on their date is because she had not mastered how to balance work from private life.

They then decided that  for their  love-affair to remain strong, they must separate work from private life.

Kamotho says there are times their love affair was put to test and he had to man up and defend his woman.

This was during the times when Ann was implicated in corruption scandals and labeled the most corrupt woman in the planet.

Kamotho recalls a time he was having a meal in a hotel and people around him were discussing how Waiguru had built lavish hotels using stolen money.

“I  called her and put her on speaker phone asking her if she is building hotels. She did not even know of the existence of such a thing,” he says.

The lawyer paid ruracio for Ann Waiguru last weekend in Kirinyaga in an invite only ceremony and he was given  the  green-light to marry her.



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