BAHATI’s dirt exposed by a close friend, this young man is rotten, DIANA ‘Shosh’ changed him for the worst (READ)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - Fast fading gospel singer, Bahati, has been exposed by a close friend and fellow musician identified as M4J.

Bahati and M4J have known each other since childhood from the time they grew up together in Mathare slums.

They even formed a group called Bone Breakers before he got a breakthrough and forgot about his childhood friends.

M4J has written a series of posts on Instagram where he exposes Bahati’s dirt.

He even reveals how the controversial singer who is going down so fast has been lying that he grew up in a children’s home to get money from donors.

Follow this post by M4J to know the real Bahati.

Kitendawili Sii Deni, Ukishindwa Nipe Mji, ...
its been a longtime coming, 
Out of a simple group God formed in my Hands (Bonebreakers) has come an entire three Quarter of todays Gospel fraternity. 
Nimelea Bahati. nimemvisha.

nimemfundisha Kudance. Kuimba. Mpaka Kupray. so Namjua Poa sana. 
i have regarded Him as my Son. 

I wrote his 1st ever Song called " Siku Ya Kwanza" since i had a chance to record 3 songs at Kidrays Street Records located around Ngara, i decided to Give bahati a chance to atleast Try Music. I took Him to studio and he Recorded, for me he was that Last born guy in My Entire dance group. (toto ya dadi)

Bahati was family to me i took care of him and at my moms Place back in Mathare Slums i welcomed him plus other group Members, 

And at any Point the Group was Contributing any amount for a show or uniform for dance, i never allowed Bahati to do So, i always Catered for his Part. 

So siongelei mtu nimejua Jana, and other Group members can attest to this. 
So when bahatis breakthrough came things changed, il not go into so much details, im not here to bring "Being Bahati" down im here to speak out and Square this like He wanted. i have called him more than enough, akiona simu yangu its like anashikwa na Marasmus, he hangs up. i have tried reaching him through diffrent people Anilipe my monies with no fruits. 

Personally im not looking for publicty as others may judge, Sitafuti kiki i have been there i have enjoyed the Goodness of the lord in my days and ata ivo Kiki hailipi Rent kiki sio Bundles, so As i said im here An eye for an eye. 

Fast forward Miaka Zimepita, Bahati Made it, never talked to me for 3years which wasnt a Must, i never Called him either sii You know we Luos, "Jaluo Oksechi" if you know, You know.. πŸ˜†πŸ’¦πŸ€¦πŸ»‍ i was Happy for the Ninja, i always big him up and Supported him Check my FB page Youl see posts i did those days and i never Expected much from Him. 
Some time on concerts we used to meet Back stage He could fall blind and Pass all Other artistes including me and go staright to Dj, io ilikua sawa juu alikua star and alikua ashamea "Otada" kajanaa alikua amefurisha Thorax mbaya. πŸ˜†πŸ’¦ conitinue next post...

When Bahati was launching his Album He needed Tshirts Printed to be sure 150 tshirts, launch was at NPC valley road. so i stoped doing some of my clients Job to help a brother, a son, Since it was me, He sent Mutua who is also my Son a Very Disciplined guy, a member of BONEBREAKERS by then KINGS OF DANCE ARENA, for those Who attended Jesus Night can 2nd this. 

So i did the Tshirts with 30% paid, i went to my Pockets and made sure this Ninjas launch was going to be successful. 

i delivered the tees on Time and i was to be paid after show, (Bahatis Album Launch) 
The day of the launch i appeared bauncing happy for my guy, Upon arriving on the gate i met this lady very rude and shes like M4J tumeambiwa usiingie, omg!! waaaa 🀦🏻‍ i got so mad and i almost caused a brawl, Mutua came from the thin air and was like “hey thats M4J let him inn,” Show was Packed full to brim so i was sure Leo Pale Mathare hatulali Njaa, After show bahati was no where to be found, He dissappeared like Railas Votes 2007, Wueeeeeeeh!! tricky, Blander size ya Noma. mutua calmed me down n said utalipwa...
So i left in dispair and disappointments i tried to reach Bahati days, Weeks, months, years. And i stopped i had no choice bt to forgive Him.

there is Power when you have a good heart, @bahatikenya came back 2016 through @mutuatuks again this time im well i have a branding Firm and he told me They have an issue they need 150 tshirts, 200Tags and Event Wristbands and they only Have 10K, they are running out of time emb jesus party is 31st thats 4days to go, with my helping hand i did the Job i overlooked everything, i was to be Paid after the event this time @mutuatuks gave me some ksh before the job, and the agreement was Nilipwe kilakitu Baada ya Event. after event bahati missing in action, 

Baus!!! Now it was Like a Movie, pata Potea, Hit and run. ignoring my calls, hanging em up, and i said its Okay. One Year later I met bahati intown and he was like ooh bro!! ooh!! iv been through alot i spent all on studio and blah blah blah, i said isorait You are Family. 
continue next post....

Now 2017. Same deal same messanger @mutuatuks this time they Only needed event Wristbands i asked for my other balance which was increasingly wedging high and On a phone call Kevin bahati Kioko Promised il be paid all my Ksh which now amounts to over 2Grands after the show emb Jesus party 2017 

I was among the Artistes to Perform ofcourse im on the Program iv been pushing the posters online (swipe pics to see poster).

while back at my office after i did the event wristbands, bahati said “Jambo pay” will sort me deposit which they did and the rest after Show. 

On the day of the Show emb jesus party 2017, i drove from Nairobi to Thika, i went back stage to wait for my performing turn, since i have another Show in Mombasa my flight was soon, i requested to Sing early, i was in line and the stage manager this lady ********** kept coming to me saying, im singing after 3 artistes Be ready, i was all ready dressed in my camofamo nlikua nimekill look M4J aka Boss Babaz. πŸ˜†πŸ€¦πŸ»‍

Soon stage manager comes again yo singing after 2People, so that means i was the artiste to Sing before New years eve Count down, backstage with @simboowade

Deng!!!! few minutes later
️ stage manager this lady ******** came to me and said Protocol change, no.1 else goes to stage its bahati then countdown i asked her why and she said the boss, Kevin bahati said So, 

waaaaaaa 🀦🏻‍
if yo looking for a patience guy im here, so i checked time i was to be at the airport soon, i asked the stage manager ******** what about after the countdown she Told me it was time for all the emb signeees to Perform. 😑😑😑So dissappointed i went to my Car and drove off to Airport stright mimi huyu Mombasa mji Wa Raha, pwani manenos, πŸ˜†πŸ’¦ i did my Show and came back to Nairobi. days later Bahati hashiki simu, My fans who knew i was to perfom were so much concerned Dm after dm. but it was hard even to explain. So nikachorea Io Story nikacheza chini.

Now Here is the most Uncalled for thing Bahati Did to me.

In 2017 i released one of my songs (BADO NANGOJA) on fb as an Audio and asked my fans "wanaonaje tufanye video au turudi studio", which they said iko sawa Video ikam. (its like bahati and his crew took the audio and thought i wouldint do the video coz it took like 4months since i posted it on fb)

2018 shortly before i left 254 i released my Song *BADONANGOJA* now a well crafted video, Co-incidentally i met bahati and @jibrilblessing at Ronalo foods in Nairobi Town and i was excited i have a new song, so i showed them and asked for their opinion, remember the Song is 2weeks old on Youtube [ M4J - BADONANGOJA], so bahati looks at @jibrilblessing and smiles as he says hehehe na zinafanana ukweli, jblessing says bt "video ndio tufanye dfrent kidogo" sikuget io vibe poa but it never clicked my mind anything was cooking behind my back. 

1week later without wasting time bahati was launching a new artiste called rebeka soki, i was bussy at work so i did not attend i went later intown and met friends who praised the song but One Artiste called and asked me Have You listened to that song rebeca sang?? i said no, he said kimbia youtube and hanged up. 

When i logged on YouTube, oh my God!! i didnt believe my ears, my song was copied stollen and given to rebeka to sing, How sad was that men. 
i cried faul no.1 gave an ear even the big wigs. infact i was told to keep quiet.

After days and days of trauma, i forgave bahati only for Him to call me one evening after work and he Abused me and Said "nisimletee izo story zangu, nisimdrag into my issues and yeye anajua io ni Uchawi" 

Sijawai Jam ivo tena Kwa Hii dunia😑 that day i fueled my Car and i was driving to go whip that son of a biscuit, enough was enough men, So funny i met mutua on my way and he stopped me. ️ fast forward.....

Imajin some of my interviews for my media tour were cancelled i investigated and bahati was Behind a couple of them. 

I prayed and i was left with one Option, to report to Copyright about my stolen song, which i did and YouTube after reviewing my Evidence, i prooved victim and Removed Rebeka sokis Song from emb channel, ...........

i felt bad for soki who later was chassed away from emb like a burkenge. 
2months later i left 254, Started working on my Youtube Acc then Bahati goes to NGOMMA VAS and an insider Tells me that Bahati gave out Some handout and has been showing up randomly for My YouTube channel to be Removed from NGOMMA VAS, indeed it was Removed which now my YouTube is Independent. 

iv seen it all with this Guy. God is faithful. But so far Legally Bahati has my Debt, I need My Money Baba Mueni, Nataka Pesa yangu Kevin Kioko Bahati. @mrseedofficialUkisema huyu boyz hajakulipa i can relate. whichever the case let my longtime friends who knows me n bahati get to see the reason as to why "mtoto wangu" hajawai ji associate na mimi after making it.

meanwhile Hizi miaka zote nimekaa na bahati sijawai Ona Bahati akiishi Childrens home mpaka time his bro chalo passed on "may he rip" which after that bahati went to stay with his 2sister. (mlicheswa)

Otherwise money or the box? πŸ˜†πŸ’¦.... money...... May he know that You cant Go up by stepping on others and bringing them down. So since its not Business as Usual, Batati ... oops sorry Bahati Should consider paying me...
PART II loadiiiiing..... i thought i should put this Here to some Some Healing. 


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