Are CONMEN colluding with EQUITY BANK staff to defraud clients? LADY narrates how she lost money. Is it an inside job?

Thursday, February 7, 2019 - A lady has narrated how she lost money to conmen and she suspects it was an inside job between the conmen and rogue staff at Equity Bank.

She wants you to read her story and be careful when transacting business with strangers.

Always be alert and question everything.

This is what she posted on facebook narrating how she lost her hard earned money to the fraudsters.


yesterday i was conned off 10k. its hard to admit it, because conmen pry on your lack of knowledge. yesterday i was schooled.

they're targeting women in business. i got a call from a number i didnt know. he placed an order worth 173,000 for curtains and told me he would send his wife to come choose the fabrics. he sounded like those kikuyu men in their fifties and he insisted to pay the full amount upfront. he asked for my bank account details and i gladly sent them. (mind you i have never met him - how blonde of me to believe that business could work that way for such amounts of money - no one sends a stranger that kind of money without agreeing on what is to be done). 

so, he kept calling me every hour to ask if i have recieved money in my account. my bank balance didn't reflect it so i told him there is no money. he insisted to have sent the money and that i should go to the bank to check if a cheque worth 218000 had been deposited. i have no mobile money so onroute in my daily rounds i passed through the bank and i was informed that a cheque had been deposited in my account worth 218,800. 

i informed him the cheque has been deposited but our agreement was for 173000. he said the excess of 45,000 was sent to me erroneously. it was to be sent to a sand supplier. appparently the sand supplier was stuck for cash and needed 10,000. He asked me to send the 10,000 to a different phone number - 0740652653 registered to Henry Makumi Kimani.

 i debated whether i should ask him to wait for the cheque to clear. but he sounded like those "im your father's age" kind of people you should respect. also he was very bossy on the voice and i felt i owed him this money - much as it had not yet cleared into my withdrawable balance. i stupidly sent the 10k. but i was left wondering what kind of person does business in this way - sending money to wrong people. asking them to forward back money, calling you every hour..

after sending he called me back. apparently the sand guy said the 10k is not enough. he wants another 5000 shillings. this for me was the red flag. i told him i have no more to send him. if he wants money he should wait for his cheque to clear and i would send him the full 35000 outstanding. he lectured me forever. its like he knew i had more money. exactly one hour later, i got a message from equity bank saying "218,800 has been DRAWN from your account ref:S7227645". the word "drawn" shot chills down my spine. how can you "draw". 

the message should have read that a cheque bounced or something. how can you draw money that was never there to begin with. I called the bank and they told me the cheque bounced. 

On calling the guy - whose truecaller name is mwaniki door. all this time he had been contacting me via airtel on 0735825992. he picked the phone. on informing him the cheque bounced he hang up on me. on calling back, mteja. i knew id been conned. 

i tried reversing via mpesa and was informed the money had already been withdrawn. on calling mpesa they said that the number cannot be deactivated unless there are numerous complaints against the same number. she said she'd forward the matter to fraud unit and if they found suspicious activity on the number they would take appropriate action. she advised i report to police. and i did. 

after reporting to police i called back the bank. apparently there is nothing criminal about depositing a cheque which bounces so there's nothing that can be done about it. they refused to inform me of the source/ account from which the cheque was written - all in the name of protecting their identity - which made no sense because i imagine accountants would need to know where money entering an account was coming from and for what reason. 

frankly i feel stupid. for thinking a deposited cheque equates to money. yet these cons have studied the system so much and have studied the loopholes. they know cheques take 3 days to clear and that is suffecient time to bully you into sending them money. also they know that there is nothing illegal about a cheque bouncing. also they know their safaricom line cannot be closed on the account of having withdrawn any money sent to them. they even have old respectable men who speak queens english with a kikuyu accent to make you feel its a legit business. they even negotiate prices and sound so serious. but wapi..

i called him again after a couple of hours and what he said was that "he is sorting out those issues" - if i listened he probably would have deposited another cheque again and conned me further. i told him to accept that he is a conman who unlike real men is incapable of making money from legit business, and that we can blame his mother who failed to teach him some manners. 

anyways. i have learnt my lesson. Question everything.


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