You have made Kikuyus Paupers, BAHATI MP KIMANI NGUNJIRI attacks UHURU and tells him to resign (VIDEO)

Sunday, January 06, 2019- Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri has sensationally asked President Uhuru to resign claiming that he has failed to deliver.

Speaking during a presser on Sunday, a tough talking Ngunjiri stated that Uhuru’s regime has made Kikuyus poorer.

“Hakuna Serikali imesukuma Mkikuyu kwa kona economically and politically kama ya Uhuru (There is no government that has pinned down the Kikuyus both economically and politically like Uhuru's government)

He also accused Uhuru of initiating the 2022 narrative and vowed to continue campaigning for Ruto.

"During the campaigns, he (Uhuru) used to indicate that he would go for 10 years then his deputy would take another 10-year period.” a visibly agitate Ngunjiri said.

He went to state that it is Uhuru who stocked the animosity between Kikuyus and Luos by insulting Raila Odinga in public during the  2017 General Elections.

"Its Uhuru who taught us insults towards Raila and he carries all the blame," he asserted.

This comes barley a week after Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria hit out at the President for neglecting Central Kenya.

Watch the video below.
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