Why Polygamy should be allowed, Githeri pastors should stop misleading gullible Kenyans yet they have SEX with your wives

BY Gordon Opiyo

When I see such stories, my heart breaks. It pains me how following a false religious teaching has led to several deaths. Many men have died of depression. Many women have died of shock. Many (like this particular case) have been killed in violent confrontations.

Because of following a ROMAN tradition called Monogamy, and being brainwashed that it is Biblical. God Himself had no problem calling Abraham, a Polygamist, His Friend. He had no problem in calling David, a Polygamist, a man after His own heart.
Have you ever heard of such cases in Islamic Communities? Have you ever heard of such cases in communities that widely accept Polygamy?

Ladies, let me tell you some bitter truth as long as your man has means, power and influence..... You can bet your heart...... He has another woman.

90% of them do a good job in hiding them. 

Let No One cheat you that you are alone. If you are alone, there are chances that he is in the minority 10%, or he is extremely broke.

So, if you find out the Obvious Truth that your man has another Woman, just live with it. He is just being a man. No need of dying fighting the obvious.

I repeat: Let No One LIE to you that you are alone - you just belong to the 90% that the husband decided to hide the TRUTH from you.

Let No One LIE to you that you are alone.


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