Why majority of Kenyans don’t trust DP RUTO with the Presidency, this man is done and dusted, KARMA is following him(READ)

By Gordon KaLorna Teti

 WHO cheated William Ruto that he could ascend to the presidency of Kenya with such a record of political ruthlessness and allegations of corruption, land grabbing, murder of IEBC official Chris Msando, Jacob Juma, ICC witness Meshack Yebei.

Kenyans were utterly shocked when Cyrus Jirongo publically narrated an incident where, according to him, he witnessed William Ruto personally murdering a young boy. Things like this send shock waves in the spine of so many Kenyans. Think about it. What does Ruto think is going through the minds of Kenyans when he is carrying bags of millions of shillings stolen from Kenyan taxpayers to fundraising harambees every week to bribe Kenyan voters?

This is a painful reminder of the dark days of Daniel arap Moi's 24 years of dictatorship and kleptocracy that almost destroyed our country. So many Kenyans paid for their lives fighting for the freedom we enjoy today. Therefore, Ruto should squarely lay the blame onto himself for his impending political waterloo.

Seeing how Ruto has been abusing the little power that he got under the Jubilee shared government arrangement between him and Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyans dread and fear Ruto and cannot take a chance to give him real and full political power that comes with the presidency. It is the same ladder of ruthlessness that Ruto used going up that he will soon use coming down. Karma is a bitch!

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