Wednesday January 30, 2019-Kisumu residents and a section of MCAs protested last year due to the Ksh 11.5 million that the County had used to purchase chairs which is way above the normal rates.

The protests attracted the attention of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), which is now investigating Kisumu County Assembly for buying 48 chairs at an exorbitant price of Ksh 240,000 each.

The EACC drafted a letter to the clerk of the County Assembly summoning officers associated with the procurement process.

The ant- corruption agency wants to know how the chairs were acquired and whether the right process was followed in purchasing them.

The commission has also written to Kodiaga Prison, which is said to have been awarded the tender for the chairs, to disclose information on the tendering process.

However, Kisumu County Assembly Speaker, Onyango Oloo, has stated that the seats were purchased through the Government to Government procurement system and the process was above board.


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