This Country has owners, those saying RUTO’s Presidency is unstoppable should read this, The Team Tanga Tanga


One thing I learnt from reading Black Swan, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb is that often we don't know what we don't know.

Following experts is a dangerous game. Now, everyone on Facebook is a political pundit and everyone is waxing political about Ruto's unstoppable journey to State House.

I'd rather stay quiet and ignorant, because we don't know what we don't know. Some say, it is Ruto himself who may have unleashed Murathe. Some say there are higher games that we will never see as ordinaries Janes and Joes in the Street.

One thing the 2017 elections taught me is that this country has owners and stuff like elections are just a mere inconvenience for the powers that be. No less like having to feed the dogs that you keep, but hate, but you appreciate the role they do.

I have grown skeptical of the Maraga ruling, Raila pulling out, Uhuru winning the second round, the stage-managed swearing in, and a handshake after just one month and a deceptive bromance that has seen DP Ruto sidelined.

Last year, even Jimi Wanjigi, hirtherto, a powerful, faceless operative became the face of the opposition politics and some point even a human rights defender (the irony of which a friend pointed to me, and told me that sometimes, it is like Kenyans we have mucus for brains.)

Now he has disappeared to where he belongs and stuff is working

Those yapping, would you rather keep quiet and see vile kazi inapangwa. Your opinion, your vote, and significance are as important as a loud fart in windy storm.


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