There will be no BLOODSHED in Rift Valley even if I lose in 2022 presidential election – RUTO declares

Saturday January 12, 2019-Deputy president William Ruto has issued a stern warning to Kalenjin community members who are threatening to cause chaos if he loses the 2022 presidential election.

Ruto, who is second in command, is preparing to vie for presidency in 2022 but some of his lieutenants have started beating drums of war if he loses the presidency.

 Some of his lieutenants have threatened to evict members of the Kikuyu community from Rift Valley should they fail to support Ruto’s presidency in 2022.

 But speaking on Friday when he met religious leaders from North Rift, Ruto said the narrative of violence is being peddled by enemies of peace, adding that the region will remain peaceful.

"There will be no violence in this region (Rift Valley) regardless of the outcome. Kenya has come all along and we can't allow elections to drag us backwards. It is the last thing that we expect to happen,” Ruto said.

“Those spreading such propaganda should be ashamed. We must remain peaceful at all costs. Our institutions must be respected. It's my assurance that this region is home to everybody," said the DP, who hosted religious leaders from North Rift at Sugoi,” Ruto added.


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