The fall of K24’s BETTY KYALLO, the once respected media girl has turned into a useless socialite.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen!
From a top, respected journalist with an incredibly promising future to a mediocre rapper's video vixen.

The story of Betty Mutei Kyallo should be used as an example to all young girls out there.

Once Kenyans get tired of consuming her soft porn in the name of news on K24 TV, they will move on to something else and her value in the sector will degrade even further.

Her next move will probably be some substandard media house in the country like Ebru TV where nobody will watch her. She will then later turn into just another Kenyan socialite hanging around Nairobi's fuck boys.

After multiple heartbreaks she will now turn into religion and become “born again” then start bombarding us with motivational quotes on social media.

These wealthy politicians and sponyos will pick you up, use you, and dump you for the newest goods in town. It's all vanity!


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