The difference between RUTO and RAILA supporters

The Difference between RUTO and RAILA Supporters

By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka The Banana Peddler.

If what they say is true that the behaviour of children reflects the character of their parents, then you can easily tell the characters of Raila Odinga and Dr. William Ruto through their supporters. If you want to capture the real characters of Raila and Dr. Ruto, just observe how their supporters behave especially on social media. The behaviour of their supporters shows who between the two can make an excellent President.

The weird behaviour of Team-Raila shows the fear they have for Dr. William Ruto. You cannot compare Raila camp and Ruto camp. When the Team-Raila Preaches hate against peace, Team-Ruto preaches peace against hate. Look here, when Team-Ruto preaches hope against fear, Team-Raila preaches fear against hope. If supporters of Raila Odinga were clever, they wouldn’t be behaving the way they do now. These people are forgetting that bullets insults they shoot at Dr. Ruto will never change the political equation in a conservative country like Kenya.

If a Ruto supporter posts in support of his boss, Raila supporters will go ballistic and descend on him with all characters of insults. If a Raila supporter posts Ruto supporters do not give a damn on what they post. When will these people come to terms that the Team-Ruto think tanks have no time for their nauseating Alshabaabic traits? Do they know that karma is a bitch and poetic justice is a bastard?

As Team-Raila continues to wanton in bigotry and arming itself with millions of insults, Team-Ruto is busily arming its fingertips with a Tsunami of election winning strategies. Unfortunately for Team-Raila, ignorance is a choice.

Mr. Odinga is a very clever man. He plays on the collective intelligence of his teeming supporters. He is a profound political conman and master manipulator. He is exceptionally calculative when it comes to diverting attention from his moment of travail or decline. He would come out with forceful unprintable statement that will colour the headlines and social media. He also knows that media are at advantage through sensational journalism by airing his antics. His antics are always comic relief to his warped admirers and lovers of entertainment and drama. Raila’s behaviour is beneath the integrity of what Kenya stands for. But Kenyans are wiser these days except for the few wrongly wired and fixated individuals.

On the other hand, Dr. William is a man of the yeas because is all encompassing. His Presidential traits and decorum are worth mirroring. He is well read, astute and intelligent. He is a graduate from (known) institutions of Higher Learning. Kenyans of instinctual muse like me love this man to the heavens and back. Dr. Ruto is the kind of a man that preaches peace in time of war. He exhibits unmatched tolerance in the time of divisiveness while blazing a trail in diplomacy at the moments of political argy-bargy. His loud silence especially at the time when his enemies call him ugly names mesmerizes all. When they abuse him, he answers them not. As a result, they know no peace.

HUMILITY, RESPECT and CANDOR are Ruto’s primary credentials that pave way for his blessings, thus making his star shine brighter. He is a great optimist with the interests of Kenyans at heart. Daktari has an unquenchable passion and for every Kenyans to live in a more peaceful environment. To him, “A black plum is as sweet as white” in other words, a Kenyan is a Kenyan irrespective of his tribe, religion, academic divisions and race. They all deserve equal opportunities.

Now you can tell who between the two will make the best President. You can easily tell who is electable and has endeared himself to the hearts of Kenyans. You can easily tell who between the two Kenyans exudes dangerous intimidatory tactics that will capsize this nation.

They say "A watched pot never boils" Let us exercise our collective patience because 2022 is still far. When the time comes, the men will face off in a neutral ground and Kenyans will decide which man is worth his onions. Untill then, let peace prevail.


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