Taxi driver narrates how he ferried a LADY to Vipingo Ridge to have SEX with a prominent Coastal businessman, the man had chewed Viagra.

A taxi guy tells me of the day he transported a hot babe for a certain filthy rich and prominent coastal businessman.
See this guy wanted to chew his goods away from the public eye so he chose to have his goods delivered at the very secluded Vipingo Ridge where it's said he rented a mansion just for that business.

So taxi man was supposed to pick the babe from Bamburi and cover the distance of around 30km to Vipingo.
But thing was, when taxi guy got there babe hadn't even showered yet so there was a major delay.

Sasa unfortunately rich guy on the other side had already popped viagra in anticipation.
The delay made rich man suspicious of taxi man since it was the babe who had recommended him. Rich man thinks these two are lovers and want to scam him. 

Now taxi guy says he had to drive using one hand as the other hand was holding the phone giving minute by minute updates on his location and actions every step of the way.

If the taxi man did as little as breath heavily, rich guy would yell profanities on the other end of the line "are you on top of her? You dare eat my goods you good for nothing imbecile!"
And believe it or not, rich man didn't hang up until taxi pulled into the driveway. 

So later rich guy calls taxi man to apologize then tells him "dooh, msichana mwenyewe alikuwa sura mbaya lakini haidhuru alikata kiu". 

Moral of the story, erections can and will affect your visual abilities.

By SARAH HALUWA (Nairobian Columnist)


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