SHOCK! Safaricom has registered 13 phone numbers using my ID without my consent, See evidence.

 Safaricom Limited.
How is  it that you allow 1,2,3....up to 13 numbers to be registered using my ID without my consent? How do you allow 13 numbers on one ID in the first place? Does anyone in this country own 13 safaricom lines? Especially Safaricom lines except fraudsters or corporates perhaps? Your guys told me CAK gives freedom to register as many lines as one wants? No wonder you have problems with Fraudsters using your lines.
I understand your Agents register lines, so this data is not reviewed by anyone in risk perhaps? I am assuming now that you allow people to present original ID's to agents for cash withdrawals, they can record all the details they need to register another random why wouldn't you have someone do back end checks?
So back to my predicament. So three of these numbers borrowed loans on Branch and Pezesha ( an App I didn't know about till today) and got me adversely listed on CRB. I contacted both. Branch was a bit helpful led me to you guys. Pezesha not so much...poor customer service.
Your customer service people at the Junction asked me for an OB...after a debate I agreed to get your able fraud team at HO an OB( to think that your able fraud team has not thought of a solution to the duplicated number of fraud cases plaguing Kenyans Silently, from the group of Canadian Doctors working in Lodwar, to M-Akiba loans at 0.5% interest)
Anyway, so I went to Naivasha Road police Station, Kawangware, with the attached list of phone numbers that were long switched off. A nice police officer keenly listened to my story at the OB 'shed'/reception, (story for another day) and offered me a solution...that as much as their police station looks 'big', the Government has not equipped them with facilities to deal with forgery incidents and kindly directed me to Kabete Police station.
I will get the OB tomorrow at Kabete.
Meanwhile, my questions to you Safaricom;
1. How many more people have 12 or more numbers registered using their Id's unbeknownst?
2. How can you allow one individual who is not a thug or a company to have 1,2,3 4 to 12 lines without raising eyebrows in your Fraud, risk or whatever units monitor suspicious activity?
3. How will investigating on the 12 numbers all switched off, help you stop future registrations?
4. Will you pay me back money I will spend to pay off loans I didn't take and CRB clearance?
As I leave this here, I will copy paste my complaint in prose and present it to your customer services peeps tomorrow as advised, together with the OB of course.



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