RUTO’s greed is eating him up, this man is going straight to Sugoi in 2022.


It is unequivocal that William Ruto is greedy. Not only greedy for power but for wealth and revenge.

He has made it clear his intentions. Hi boss Uhuru Kenyatta has been scheming him for long.

I put it clear that the Mt. Kenya Mafia are out full-throat to make Ruto look the devil in Jubilee Party. David Murathe stated clearly that Ruto invested in corruption.

Late last year, Ruto in public said that he will crush anyone who will stand on his way to presidency.

To him (Ruto), he doesn't care about the people but his own (TAMAA). This notion has never augured well with the Mafias. 

Back to Murathe's statement, it is clear that JP has been marred by corruption as citizens have known. But to sanitize Uhuru, someone must be made bad. The sacrificial lamb is Ruto.

This takes to history lane of senator James Orengo's advice to Beth Mugo and entire Jubilee party senators that GOVERNMENT EATS HER OWN PEOPLE.

Raila-Uhuru relationship is a reality. Since the handshake, Uhuru has enjoyed being president (though illegally).

He has had peace of mind. Even the budget for buying professional rally attendants has been removed.

This has ensured that some MPs who depended on the budget go hungry. So when you hear the likes of Waluke, Murkomen, Ndindi, Oscar Sudi etc attack Uhuru and Raila partnership, just know that their source of funds has been closed.

Ruto never hid his cards. He let them out very early. So he must eat his humble pie.


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