Poor KIKUYUS, you were duped and you will continue to suffer, mtajua hamjui.


Poor Kikuyu's. They Were Duped And They Continue To Suffer
If there's a community of dumb people, it's members of the Kikuyu community. Jubilee begun by using Kameme FM to brainwash the largely illiterate population. Secondly Jubilee bribed all Kikuyu clergy and churches became an extension of the Jubilee propaganda machinery.

When Kikuyu's go to church, it's not for spiritual nourishment but for political indoctrination.

Now Moses Kuria has kicked off a conversation and the sad part is he apologized. Why apologize for saying the truth you cow? Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri was not mincing words either. That Kikuyu's are oppressed.

But why yet their budget allocations are higher? Because Kikuyu's have been tooled to concentrate on national politics, yet the biggest corruption is at County level. You find an idiot Kikuyu bastard and all he is talking about is Uhuru and how he was annointed by God, and related nonsense.

Meanwhile their Governor's, MCA's and MPigs have mastered this strategy. Everytime they try and justify their incompetence, they invoke Uhuru's name claiming they're fighting a holy war to preserve “Uthamaki” . And every time, dumb Kikuyu morons fall for that trick.

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo spent his entire term posturing on national politics. Yet he had nothing to show for his work. All the money stolen by him and his people. His successor Waititu Kihii has also perfected the same art. He is looting Kshs. 4 million a day under the guise of rehabilitating alcoholics. He has purchased 2 new buildings in Nairobi. Yet when it comes to national politics, he's very savvy. He uses it to deflect attention from his thuggery.

Is the ordinary Kikuyu concerned about that? Ofcourse not. They're still deluded with the adrenaline rush of “Uthamaki is ours” . Like who gives a flying fuck? You're all stuck in this mess like the rest of us. The truth is that Uhuru and his mother have fucked this country left right center. Muhoho Kenyatta is busy chasing deals for medical supplies, someone who masquerades as a corporate guru yet he's just another Kenyatta piece of shit who only knows how to cannibalize state coffers.

Meanwhile go to their local bars and the first thing you'll hear is how Uhuru is ordained by God. How some prophet foresaw his rule. Then you'll understand that Kikuyu's are inherently dumb and can't be helped.

When Uhuru was having his state address recently, high as a kite, bars round central region were all quiet listening to his lies. Other Kikuyu idiots were clapping. Very unfortunate. Shame on you Kikuyu's. Your stupidity is cumulatively hurting the rest of us.


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