On Christmas my wife cheated on me but it was for the best

Mimi pesa niko nazo lakini kuna kitu ilikuwa inasumbua. I am married and my two children are in high school. I work in Nairobi and my wife lives in Kisumu. Usually, I visit my family once a week but sometimes it can stretch out much longer. It happened that one of my colleagues was going to Kisumu 2 weeks ago. Since I was not busy, I told him to drop by my house and we could travel together. He agreed.We started our journey a bit late and I was certain I would reach Kisumu after 11pm. My biggest problem that day was that I did not have a phone on me.

I tried to locate a handset that my wife had been using and wanted to borrow it before I got a hold of the money to buy my own. Unfortunately, I did not get the time to call my wife in advance. We arrived at Kisumu and I headed directly to a supermarket to do some shopping. Afterwards, my colleague dropped me my outside my house. As I was alighting, I saw lights were still on in my bedroom. I was suddenly curious to know what was occuring.

That’s when I decided to tip toe to the window to see if anything unusual was happening. As I approached the wall of my bedroom window, I heard a man say in a deep voice: ”Babe, hata paka mzee hukunywa maziwa. Unataka ngapi ndio nionje kidogo?” I could not believe my ears. Moving closer to get a closer look, I heard my wife respond: "Hiyo kitu yako hiweziiingia na umelipa mia tano tu! I felt the muscles in my body contract in shock. My voice failed me as I tried to speak. Loitering around the house, I looked for a place to peep inside to get a clear view and collect evidence.

My wife then said, "Usiniumize, weka pole pole. Hii kitu haiendi mahali!" All of a sudden I heard, ”Babe, babe. Oh my goodness!" Out of jealously and rage, I pushed the door hard and found myself inside the house. I rushed to the bedroom door and began banging on it. My wife flung it open and started apologising. The man who was with her, who I discovered was one of her colleagues, began launching threats at me. He said that he could kill me and have my wife forever, ”Utamu nimesikia, kitu iko sawa.Ukienda Nairobi nitakukulia bibi tena." He talked as he rushed outside. I was fearful of wrestling him because of his muscular physique.

Tears started flowing down my cheeks as I pondered the way forward. My wife had gone away by then and leaving me all alone. That night I tossed and turned eventually becoming overwhelmed in a light sleep. The following morning I woke up and resolved to teach this mburukenge a lesson. I wanted his private parts to migrate from their rightful place to his forehead. I made up my mind to contact a doctor that everyone was praising.

I had previously saved his details on my phone, so I called his number and emailed him. Phone number: +254740637248 Email: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com His website: www.mugwenudoctors.com That evening, the teacher called me and said he could not locate his private parts. He admitted he was in a great deal of pain and would do everything he could to make me forgive him. What should I do? Once you call Dr Mugwenu through this number: +254 740 637 248 or reach him through his website www.mugwenudoctors.com, you will organise a meeting. After visiting him and discussing your issues, the man will plan for a day that he will change the life of your man forever.

Dr Mugwenu will do any of the following: Make your husband lose interest in other women except you Make your man hate any woman he is currently cheating with Make someone who has made your life unbearable eat grass Invite a swarm of bees into your man’s manhood and the private parts of the woman he is cheating with The most obvious and most common practice among cheating partners is to make your husband get stuck inside the woman he is stepping out with. Dr Mugwenu will do anything you wish him to do. If the man survives the ordeal, he won’t cheat on you again.

Apart from the contacts given above, Dr Mugwenu is also available online. His email address is mugwenudoctors@gmail.com. He also has a professional website with a link: www.mugwenudoctors.com. Don’t suffer silently, speak your problem out and you will live happily ever after!

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