How this Kikuyu SLAY QUEEN called, BILHA WANJIKU, conned me Ksh 70,000 and blocked me (PHOTOs + EVIDENCE)

Today I want to make somebody famous as well as caution potential victims not to end up like me.
This is Bilha Wanjiku Kariuki of telephone number +254710463435. We've been friends since 2009 in high school until last year Dec wen she explicitly said we aren't friends anymore.
Bilha is currently unemployed and is housed by her friend. According to her former employer who I will not mention Bilha is currently jobless after she was fired coz of absconding work and reporting late with flimsy excuses coz she's the type that prioritizes partying over growing careerwise or a business.
Bilha's highest academic qualification is a form four KCSE certificate. All this information I got from various sources while she was being tracked by the police after I filed a criminal case against her for obtaining money through false pretense.
I had so much respect for this chiq bcoz of the image she's put out there for herself wen she asked me to loan her some money I had no problem giving her bcoz I believed she had the ability to pay back and she was a woman worth her salt. Shock on me. That was September 2018.
Soon after I sent her the money via MPESA she began showing me her true colors. Bilha ni mrembo but her mouth! She is the true definition of "ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD" All I started seeing was pictures of her in big big hotels mara jikonis mara java... Na ni pesa zangu anaslay nazo. Wen I asked her to pay back... BLOCKED!
Bilha gets by in life with her looks to swindle men off their hard earned cash. Sadly that's a lifestyle she can't have forever coz she's growing old. She claims she "WORKS HER ASS OFF" to have the kinda lifestyle she has now if only I knew the true meaning of that early enough
I dropped the case against her because if I focus too much energy on things that don't grow me I will be wasting my time. Let KARMA deal with her.
I know there are many of her friends who are my mutual friends here on Facebook so the news will get to her. She's blocked me on all her social media accounts nisimwone akitumia pesa zangu but let her keep it.
Seriously... I helped you out with a good heart now you want I beg you to refund my money? Tell her to keep all of it and her police case has been withdrawn. Man I hope that money changes your life. Don't bother sending anymore nimekuachia all of it.
If she asks anyone out there for money we jua iyo itaenda ikiendaga. Be careful dealing with this good for nothing liar.

Her photos.


  1. how on earth can someone lend a lady above 1k? i tried once an I almost hanged myself cause i could have used the cash to gamble cause you expect nothing back..karma is real

  2. Youngman, pls grow up.
    You are not solving anything by airing this shit here.

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