Here is the dangerous disease that ESTHER PASSARIS was suffering before she underwent two successful surgeries.

Sunday January 13, 2019-Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Passaris, is currently recuperating at the Nairobi Hospital after having two successful surgeries.

Addressing journalists at her hospital bed on Saturday, Passaris said she was diagonised with thyroidectomy.

“Initially we thought we would remove the thyroid that had the goiter, but the doctor observed me and noticed that the other thyroid was not in a good condition and so they removed both of them," Passaris said.

"As we speak now, I have no thyroid left or right, both are gone...I will be on thyroxine medication for the rest of my life to do the work that the thyroid does,” Passaris added.

Passaris said she kept details of her thyroidectomy under wraps until she knew she was out of danger.

"I thank God for faith that reassured me that my work is not yet complete. I remain eager to learn and serve Him with humility," she said.

Passaris also urged Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to test salt in the market and ensure it has enough iodine.

“If our salt had enough iodine we would reduce the number of goiter cases. Kebs has to test all the salt and confirm that levels of iodine are the required ones. There is a need to balance it out," she said.

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