Handshake rendered you irrelevant, stop insulting UHURU, eat RUTO’s money peacefully- MOSES KURIA told.

UHURU bought an attack dog called Moses Kuria and taught it to attack enemies ferociously,on his behalf.

The dog diligently delivered his mandate.
Now Uhuru has made peace with the enemy. The dog, accustomed to barking and biting is now idle, forcing it to dig it’s teeth into the buttocks of the owner.
The most reasonable thing Uhuru can do, is put the dog in a gunia, add some few bricks to aid sinking, then throw the mongrel to deepest part of River Chania.
The other alternative is to castrate it at home. The law of castration states that the resultant pain makes the dog run as fast as possible as far away from the scene of operations, as it can be possible, never to return back.
That is why when you want to conduct this operation, you must walk your dog deep into the thickets, far from home, so that it can run back home, but if you do it at home, it will run into the bushes, and that is the last time you will see the dog.
This is exactly what I prescribe for Kuria.
One of the most tangible benefits of the handshake is that it has left stranded those who made a career insulting Raila from Uhuru’s camp and those from Raila’s camp who have nothing to show apart from defending the duo in press conferences.
Such people had nothing to deliver to their constituents as they thrived in the prevailing enmity creating an impression that they were gallant soldiers protecting the king.
They are bitter with the king, only that they can’t say it publicly.
Moses Kuria had his opponents bought just to bring his venomous talk to parliament. He is now irrelevant and must be dispensed with.
Whichever way, he knows this too well. He knows his days in the limelight are over and he has to act like every dying cow. Remember a dying cow doesn’t bother to cover it’s anus.
Good morning my fellow hoof eaters!!.

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