Born Different! This beautiful lady was born without a VAGINA but hopes to start a family despite her rare condition (LOOK)

Sunday, January 13, 2019- Despite her rare condition, Devan Merck is keen to start a family and lead a normal life.

The 23-year-old was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome meaning she had no vaginal canal, a malformed uterus and no cervix 11 years ago.
Surgeons created a ‘man-made’ vagina using skin taken from her bottom - allowing her to have sex and lead a normal life.
And now Devan and her husband Trent, from Georgia, USA, are hoping to start a family with the help of a surrogate.
 “I am no different - instead of having a fully functioning vagina. I have a man made vagina.” A beaming Devan said
“For years I was bullied and felt different. Kids would call me a ‘boy’ and a ‘freak’ and boyfriends would disappear when they realised I wouldn’t have sex.
 “Me and my husband will finally be able to start our family and our next step in life together.
“My vagina might be man-made rather than god given but I’m a complete woman and I hopefully it won’t be long before I’m a mother too.”
Watch the video below.
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