Friday December 7, 2018-As President Uhuru Kenyatta plans to visit Kisumu County to launch the Universal Health Care; it has now emerged that he will extend the visit to Bondo, the hometown of NASA leader and his friend and brother, Raila Odinga, who made up with him on 9th March through the famous handshake.

Uhuru will be visiting Raila’s home just to catch up on many things and to personally thank him for agreeing to work with him going forward.

Sources at Raila’s office have even indicated that Uhuru might extend the visit to Kango Ka Jaramogi in Sakwa, where Raila’s father and the country’s first Vice President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was buried in 1994.

All these political unfolding are happening under the very eyes of Deputy President William Ruto who is also banking on Uhuru to support his 2022 Presidential bid.



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